Remembering Mary Baehr

December 8, 2015

Mary Baehr was one of those women that you simply never forgot once you met her. She was a Liberal all her life (which spanned over 91 years) and she made certain that everyone knew it! It was Mary who encouraged me to take the reins on the Riding Association almost 20 years ago and it was again Mary who encouraged me to run in this fall’s campaign. Her confidence in me has always pushed me to stretch my limits and her support was vital to me in this most recent campaign.

She always made me laugh, always made me believe that one person could make a huge difference to their community and that they could make that difference from a place of joy and good will.

Mary passed away last week.

I will miss her. The Liberal Party will miss her. Anyone who ever had anything to do with her will miss Mary. I will never put on a Liberal pin or post a campaign sign without remembering her and doing my best to live up to the confidence she had in me.

Rest In Peace Mary, thank you for everything.



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A Call from Justin Trudeau

I had an unexpected call from Justin Trudeau yesterday. He is everything I thought he was, warm, genuine and very interested in Cariboo-Prince George. We have an amazing Prime Minister and I am so proud to have been a small part of his team in 2015! Thank you to everyone who helped! #TeamTracyLPC

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Canada is in good hands!

November 4, 2015

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The Legacy of this Campaign

What we really wanted was Canada back and we got that last night!

Unfortunately in our riding the result wasn’t what I had hoped for… but the legacy of this campaign is that our region has realized that we are not just a conservative stronghold.

The Liberals didn’t win any northern BC ridings – but we made more gains than any other party. Thank you to the 32% that voted for change. This is a massive win for our region.

To all those that I met along this journey, please stay in touch. Thank you to everyone for your support… especially my hard working team.

PS. Here’s a quick interview from CBC Daybreak North this morning reflecting on the campaign.

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Reflecting on the Last 79 days

So I’ve spent today reflecting on the last 79 and I think, on balance, we won. No I’m not the new MP for Cariboo-PG, but it was bigger than that.

We won by having a discussion that’s been missing not only in this Riding, but across the Country. We talked collectively about our ideals, our values, our future and our past. We considered what was important, we shared our ideas on how to get to “better” and then we voted.

Turn out was high, and so many youth voted for the first time. In the end, Canadians chose Honesty, Hope and the High Road for our next government.

I would have loved to be your MP. You have all inspired me with your ideas for the Region and I am champing at the bit to start implementing them, but ultimately, I don’t need to be an MP to work with my neighbours to make our Region stronger. Stay in touch with me, and if I can help you let me know!

Sheldon Clare, Adam De Kroon, Richard E Jaques, Trent Derrick and Todd Doherty all feel like brothers after this odyssey we’ve all been on. Thanks for making this fun along the way.

To the volunteers on Team Tracy I am so grateful for your help, support, work and sense of humour. We brought our Party from 5% to 32%! That is an incredible accomplishment and I am so proud of all of you. You people rock! Please don’t be strangers – stay in touch! I still need all of you.

To my kids Truman, Tianni and Jake, thank you for being patient with me and for the encouragement! I know putting myself out there, put you out there too, and it was wonderful to have your love and support to do so.

And to my husband, John Calogheros, I love you. Thank you for loving me back.

Tracy Calogheros

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Come Celebrate with Us on Election Night

October 19, 2015

celebrate with us

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Final Words from Tracy

October 18, 2015

Last night’s event, put on by the UNBC Poli Sci students and the Young Liberals, was the perfect way to conclude what can only be described as a marathon campaign.

I was reflecting on this incredible experience as I drove home and it occurred to me that there couldn’t have been a better group to be in front of for my final speech of the campaign.

The young people in that room have grown up in a Canada that I don’t recognise, but they don’t remember anything else. To them, our country has always been divided, a place where fear dictates policy decisions, where scientists are muzzled and books land in the dumpster.

For them, the change we’ve been talking about must seem foreign, but it is for them, for their kids, that we MUST make this change.

It may be idealistic, but I do know this, if you don’t aim for lofty goals you’ll never reach them.

Thank you to everyone who has listened to me over these past few months, and thank you too to everyone who has worked so hard to help me share my vision.

I’m excited for Monday’s vote.

The most important thing now is for everyone to vote.

Together we can bring change to this region and reclaim the Canada that millions envy around the world.

All it takes is your “X”.

I hope you will all support me but I know there are those who have a different idea of how to get to better, no matter, I still want you to vote. It’s what makes democracy work. YOU.

Thank you!

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No longer a safe seat, Cariboo-Prince George turns into a possible swing riding

October 17, 2015

This is definitely worth the 9 mins it takes to listen. EVERY vote will count.‪#‎cityofpg‬


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Words of Encouragement from Dr. Charles Jago

October 16, 2015

Honoured and humbled by the outpouring of recent emails and words of support and encouragement. Words like those of Dr. Charles Jago below remind me exactly why our region is ready for Real Change.

“Vote YES to Tracy Calogheros for strong, intelligent, and articulate
representation. Vote NO to the politics of division, fear, and closed-mindedness. It’s time for a change, locally and nationally.Vote Liberal.” – Dr. Charles Jago (Former UNBC President & Member of the Order of Canada)


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100% behind the Liberal Platform that says no to Enbridge.

Hello everyone!

I only just found out yesterday that Enbridge has my picture up on their Northern Gateway Alliance page and I felt the need to let everyone know that I am NOT in support of their project.

This goes back many years, maybe 8 or 9, I’m not sure. Colin Kinsley approached me at the Museum before anyone had heard of Enbridge. He told me they were a new corporate partner coming to town and that they wanted to do broad public and scientific consultation. I suggested that we partner with them at the Museum to host a series of café scientifique’s. Essentially a public forum held in a pub where several scientists with differing views would answer questions from the public and from each other.

Enbridge refused to participate unless I let them choose the topics and select the scientists. I refused. When I wouldn’t give them control they were no longer interested in being partners. I told them then to remove me from their site; clearly they did not. A corporate partner that is coming into a community looking to consult broadly would not be afraid of a public forum in my opinion, their response to this proposed Café spoke volumes to me.

I have left them a message this morning (which has not been returned) demanding that they remove me from the site.
In my view this is an illustration of why Enbridge does not have the social license to further their projects. I stand 100% behind the Liberal Platform that says no to Enbridge.

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