It is time we give Cariboo – Prince George a voice in Ottawa. Across our region people are coming together to join Tracy Calogheros in the campaign to make things better. The strength of this campaign is driven by people like you who get involved and volunteer.

How to get involved:

  1. TALK WITH TRACY – Tracy is hoping that influential people like you would be willing to hold a small “Talk with Tracy” at your home with a few of your friends and associates.  It wouldn’t need to be more than 5 or 6 couples and no more than 9 or 10.  We are suggesting that it would be an hour or so long and be an informal chance to chat over a cup of tea or a glass of wine.  It would allow people to ask her questions directly, test their assumptions and allow her to share some of who she is and what she is offering in terms of representation.
  1. FUNDRAISING – If you are willing to donate keep in mind that more than $1500 is too much and no amount is too small.  Tax receipts are available and they do return a fair amount to you in the form of a tax credit.  Donations can be taken by cheque or directly on the website here.
  1. LAWN SIGNS – Tracy is looking to have lawn signs all over the riding and your home is no exception.  If we can bring you a sign please let us know.  We will be putting up a limited number of 4×8 billboards as well, so if you have a strategic place for one of those please let us know that too!
  1. CAMPAIGN OFFICE – The campaign office will be up and running in earnest as of Saturday September 12th and it will not only need a big turnout for its launch at 10 am that day, but will need volunteers to staff it until election day, working the phones and talking to passersby.  One shift, a short visit or daily commitments are all welcome.  Clinton Priestly is our volunteer coordinator. Fill in the form below to send him a message or email
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA LOVE – Support Tracy on Social Media. Share, like, retweet and spread the word about Tracy Calogheros. By liking, sharing or commenting on a post you are increasing her visibility to the region.
  3. ENGAGE WITH YOUR NETWORK – Perhaps the single most important thing you can do is engage in this election.  Talk politics with your friends and family.  Encourage people to reach out to Tracy, and the other candidates.  Find out what they each stand for, what are their platforms and tell them what you need and want for your region.  People need to be engaged in order to vote!

Please fill out the form below to volunteer: